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Who We Are


Mish Media Marketing is a dedicated marketing agency focused on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. With over 15 years of experience, Mish Media was uniquely born out of the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, where we honed our craft in developing successful marketing strategies. We’ve witnessed firsthand the growth and expansion of numerous companies under our guidance.

What sets us apart is our origin as an internal marketing team, giving us a comprehensive understanding of how businesses can leverage marketing to thrive. While our roots are in live music, family entertainment, and restaurant marketing, we’ve expanded our expertise across various industries. This diverse skill set allows us to confidently say: we know how to make your business grow.

Our Clients

Check out Mish Media’s current client list, with marketing work stretching over 15 years

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Concert Venue and Restauraunt

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre is a unique case study, effectively giving birth to Mish Media. Phil Carpenter and several Mish Media employees worked as the internal marketing team at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre for years before venturing out to start Mish Media. The Mishawaka saw consistent 20% year over year growth dating all the way back to 2011 with the help of the now President and CMO of Mish Media – Phil Carpenter

Saint Rocke

Music Venue

Saint Rocke

Saint Rocke has Been a full-service client since Dani Grant and Larry Little took over the establishment in 2022. Mish media provides the music venue with full concert marketing services, as well as strategy development, design services, and digital marketing services, with the help of Mish Media, Saint Rocke saw aggressive success in both online digital exposure and ticket sales.

Chipper's Lanes

Family Entertainment Centers

Chipper's Lanes

Chipper’s Lanes is another unique success story for Mish Media, with the now President and CMO of Mish Media creating the marketing team and strategy for the now largely successful family entertainment branch. Mish media employees have been working with Chipper’s Lanes for over 15 years, and helped them discover multiple banner years, incredible growth, and marketing strategies that rival some of the best Family Entertainment chains in the country.

100 Nickel

Concert Venue and Bowling Alley

100 Nickel

100 Nickel is a sister company of Chipper’s Lanes Entertainment, and a Brand created with the help of Mish Media to combine the exciting entertainment factors of Bowling and Live music.

2454 West

Music Venue and Bowling Alley

2454 West

2454 West is a Greeley CO sister company of Chipper’s Lanes Entertainment, Created to bring a 400 cap venue to the Greeley Market along side bowling and entertainment

830 North

Music Venue and Bowling Alley

830 North

830 North is the Fort Collins Branch of the Live on the Lanes Brand, created by Chipper’s Lanes Entertainment with the help of Mish Media. The venue has now seen years of quick success and was the birth place of the Live on the Lanes concept.

Off the Hook Arts

Non Profit

Off the Hook Arts

Off The Hook Arts is a Fort Collins Non Profit, supporting music education, and providing unique live music events for the Northern Colorado Region. Mish Media is supporting the non profit by providing all marketing services for both their education sector and their concerts

Riverside Colorado

Cabins, Tinyhomes, Furnished Camps

Riverside Colorado

Riverside, Colorado, is a Vacation Destination in the Poudre Canyon, providing Tiny Homes, Cabins, and Furnished Camps for rent in the ultimate Colorado Mountain getaway retreat. Mish Media was excited to be brought on to provide them with full-service marketing

Pickle Barrel Fort Collins

Fast Food QSR

Pickle Barrel Fort Collins

Pickle Barrel is a Staple Sandwich Shop in Fort Collins Colorado. With famous sandwich recipes as well as a great Bar, Pickle Barrel became Mish Media’s first Fast Food QSR client.

Main Line Studios

Photo/Video/Podcast Rental Space

Main Line Studios

Mainline Studios is a vibrant, collaborative space designed for artists and creatives, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming atmosphere. Located in a trendy urban area, it offers diverse studios, workshops, and networking opportunities to inspire and support creative professionals in their endeavors

Lulus Downtown

Live Music Venue

Lulus Downtown

Lulus Downtown is the recreation of Lulus downstairs, located in Colorado Springs, CO, and featuring hundreds of shows each year. Mish Media supports Lulus as their Concert Marketing Specialist.

Venture Still


Venture Still

Venture Still is an acoustic pop rock band based out of Fort Collins, CO. They blend musical elements from singer/songwriter to classical music, funk, and electronica. The band consists of Chris Carter (lead singer/guitarist), Elvin Holderfield (keyboards), Rob Wiberg (bass) and Dominic Fante on drums. They place emphasis on having meaningful, relatable lyrics over positive and energetic instrumentation.

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